Lil Wayne's Message From Jail

Louisiana Paparazzi
October 8, 2010

Hello world. Time is ticking and I’m counting every second. Because of my new
limitations, this unfortunately has to be my last letter. I don’t think people
truly understand how much their thoughts and well wishes have helped me through
this time in my life. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and it humbles me daily.
You would be amazed what positivity can do in a negative environment. I’m going
to miss reading about your lives. I’m going to miss looking at the pictures.
They were the highlight of my days aside from speaking with my kids. Don’t
stress over this in 27 days, the ride starts again.
Thank you from the
bottom of my heart to everyone who is supporting I Am Not A Human Being. It
amazes me each time people go out and support my music. I’ll always be in debt
to you for that. Keep rocking your “Free Weezy” tees and rocking out to my
music. Trust me when I say this is almost over. I love you. I’ll continue to
pray for all of you. Just keep doing the same for me.



April 1, 2010

The blogs are buzzing about Reggie and Kim's recent breakup. One blog in particular, is reporting they know the juice.

A source told X17 online: “Reggie’s mom just could not get over the fact that Kim had a sex tape. Reggie and his family are very conservative, and he told Kim that a marriage is never going to happen between them because of the tape.”
Kim is said to regret the video more than ever now as she believes she would still be with Reggie, 25, if it had never been made public.
The source added: “She’s still crazy about him. If she didn’t have the sex tape, she could have been Mrs. Bush.”

We knew it was just a matter of time before Reggie sent this chick packing. A phat azz and a cute face does NOT equal wifey material, fellas!